Rocket Ranch in Boca Chica offering the closest stay to SpaceX launch

BROWNSVILLE, TX (ValleyCentral) – SpaceX is drawing a lot of attention to the Rio Grande Valley and in particular the Brownsville Boca Chica area.

The Rocket Ranch in Brownsville is the closest accommodation to SpaceX’s launch site.

Rocket Ranch Managing Partner Anthony Gomez explained that the property offers a unique experience and has grown from the initial opening early last year.

“Rocket Ranch is a platform that allows people looking to really appreciate what Space-X and space exploration does in general,” Gomez said.

He explained that the campground provides accommodation in a trailer, lodge, RV sites and tents, and provides additional accommodation.

“We’re working on our colony on Mars, which will be kind of a working group village if you will,” Gomez said.

The property is 8 miles from the SpaceX site and offers boat rides to a new observation tower.

“You have this federally protected land in front of you, this beautiful river, then this incredible rocket, it’s so clear you can see the whole facility,” Gomez said.

He said the outpost observation tower has a VIP box with access to live feeds and interior view launches.

Gomez explained that they are connected with Starlink Broadband, which allows guests to connect and share from the outpost.

“We set it up so that people could literally stream on it, then see the greatest show on earth send it back to space, and then immediately send it to everyone in the house,” Gomez said.

He said he left Florida for Brownsville for the occasion.

“When you come here, it’s like all the like-minded people who are really here to appreciate this are around. It’s a beautiful thing to have a community, ”said Gomez.

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