Senator Cruz issues statement on CHIPS-Plus vote

WASHINGTON, DC – U.S. Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas), a member of the Senate Commerce Committee and the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, released the following statement regarding his negative vote on the CHIPS-Plus bill:

“Our dependence on foreign-made semiconductors is a serious vulnerability. Currently, a huge amount of the most complex semiconductors are built in Taiwan, where they are vulnerable to everything from natural disasters to Chinese aggression. That’s why I’m excited to take common-sense steps to bring semiconductor manufacturing — and manufacturing in general — back to the United States. And I’m proud that many of these semiconductors are made in Texas.

“However, CHIPS-Plus is the wrong approach to achieve this laudable goal. I’m all for using the tax code to incentivize manufacturers to make semiconductors in America, but when the feds just give billions of taxpayer dollars directly to big business, it invites cronyism and to bribery. Corporate welfare is the wrong approach to solving a serious problem. The CHIPS-Plus bill allows companies to take US taxpayers’ money without adequate safeguards to ensure that US taxpayers’ money is spent here at home to increase US chip production.

“This bill contains several provisions that I am honored to have championed, including the FABS Act, which would encourage manufacturing in the United States through tax credits for investments here at home. The FABS Act would require chipmakers to invest in the United States in order to benefit from the tax advantage. In this sense, it will help prevent waste, fraud and abuse while ensuring that the government does not pick winners and losers.

“It is important to note that the bill also includes several provisions that I drafted, including the extension of the International Space Station until 2030, the continuation of NASA’s exploration efforts and the creation of a Moon to Mars program, which will establish a specific NASA office to focus solely on setting up the boots. American explorers returning to the Moon and possibly Mars. The State of Texas, and in particular the Johnson Space Center in Houston, will play an outsized role in making these goals a reality, administering this new Moon to Mars program, and ensuring that NASA, and the United States, succeed in the space exploration. The space provisions of this bill will strengthen America’s leadership in space, and I was proud to fight for them.

“Overall, while there is a lot of good in this bill, it takes the wrong approach of direct business subsidies rather than a more targeted and strategic approach to bringing semiconductor manufacturing back to the states. -United.”

Senator Cruz has been a NASA champion throughout his tenure in the Senate. He previously served as the top Republican on the Commerce Committee’s space subcommittee, where he helped secure the expansion of the International Space Station through 2024 under NASA’s most recent clearance, a led the ISS expansion effort and worked to ensure Johnson Space Center remained the home of human spaceflight in the United States.


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