Sub-orbital spaceflight creates more opportunities for space exploration

ST. JOSEPH COUNTY, Ind– Jeff Bezos and Richard Branson not only opened the door for future commercial spaceflight, but they also created a whole new path for researchers and scientists to learn about space.

“I don’t want people to ignore that the tourism industry has created wonderful research labs for us,” said Steven Collicott, professor of aeronautics and astronautics at Purdue University.

According to experts, commercial flights to space could be available as early as next year. Even though it’s too early to say what impact space tourism will have on people like us, Steven Collicott of Purdue University said it’s already proving to be having a major scientific impact.

Blue Origin and Virgin Galactic were both able to conduct experiments before the flights officially took off. Professor Collicott of Purdue University has already performed seven automated experiments for Blue Origin flights. He said he worked in aerospace on controlling liquid rocket propellants in orbiting space flights and needed a weightlessness laboratory, which this provided. He is excited about what we could learn from these flights.

“That’s what it gives me. Other people study biology, the reaction of biological systems to weightlessness. Others study the atmosphere up there, the mesosphere and the lower thermosphere in which these vehicles fly. . Little is known about these regions of the atmosphere, ”Collicott said.
Collicott said Blue Origin has a program for K-12 schools to learn more about space travel. Check it out here

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