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Modified loans are special forms of credit that offer the possibility even to particular categories of applicants to obtain a personal loan.

Finanziamenti Cambializzati

Among those who find some difficulties in being approved to apply for a loan to deal with any type of expenditure, we find all those people who are not in possession of an income document. Usually, in fact, before the payment of a sum of money, the bank requires the client to show them a document to be used as a guarantee, which allows the bank to trust the future debtor. Among the most requested documents we find the paycheck for those in possession of a regular fixed or indeterminate employment contract, the Single Model or CUD for self-employed workers and the pension slip for people who receive a pension from the institution social security.

As already mentioned, many categories unfortunately do not have the opportunity to show such documents, for example housewives, students, workers without a regular work contract, but also the protested or bad payers who often have serious difficulties in applying for a personal loan. .

For the protested or bad payers with public or state employees and retired employees, there is the possibility to apply for a loan as well as a personal loan with a transfer of the fifth. This line of credit provides that the repayment installment that the debtor will have to bear, for a period of time that will be determined at the request stage, can never exceed one fifth of his salary or pension. In the event that no further problems arise, the bank will grant the loan without any obstacle, as this installment will be automatically deducted from your paycheck or from the pension slip.


For all the other categories instead we find the loans changed, which meet the needs of people who need a credit, but we must be very careful before bumping into a loan with bills. Let’s find out why.

First of all, we explain that this line of credit can be requested by all those who own property, such as their home or land, and are willing to use it as a guarantee to be provided to the credit institution chosen for the request for a loan. For those who do not own a real estate, it will still be possible to ask the help of a third person who is in possession of the requisites required by the bank to approve a loan and which will fulfill the role of guarantor.

The loan has not used the traditional repayment installments, but the bills, which are executive securities, which must be paid before their expiry. This deadline may not be monthly as it happens for personal loans with installments, but in any case will have to be paid on a regular basis so as not to run into much more complex problems.

If the debtor does not repay within the deadline, one or more bills, being the latter executive titles, there is in fact the serious possibility that the bank declares the outstanding bills as protested and that subsequently asks the Judicial Authority for the attachment of the well used as a guarantee. The next step will be the auctioning of the real estate that will take place through a judicial auction, and with the money raised you will pay the debt with the bank.

So even if it is one of the few possibilities that allows many people to get cash very quickly, it is always very important to make a responsible assessment of the choice of a loan with bills of exchange.