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Elon, if you’re reading this, run! They are on us.

Despite our best efforts to cover up the Truth, your secrets have leaked out.

Their agents are all around me; I see them in the grocery store story, pretending to shop, and behind me in traffic, acting surprised by my evasive maneuvers. I even noticed that the dogs at my local dog park were looking at me strangely – we can’t even trust our closest allies.

But fear not, O wise and benevolent Master of the currency and the carriage! I will NEVER divulge the details of our top secret missions here on this planet, no matter how they honk or bark at me.

Just as surely as the letters of “Elon Reeve Musk” can be rearranged to spell “Serum Love Knee”, I will take to my grave the DEFINITELY TRUE FACTS ABOUT TESLA!

Big Oil tries to assassinate Tesla

In 2019, a seasoned electric vehicle maker named Jack Rickard wrote a lengthy blog post titled “The Tesla Conspiracy… or am I a dead whistleblower? “ which proposed the theory of a shadow organization made up of large oil organizations doomed to the financial ruin of Tesla.

Rickard cites the electric vehicle brand’s first smash hit, calling it the automotive GOAT and explaining how its 2013 US $ 40,000 Model S essentially bankrupted it. In short, he thinks Tesla is the inevitable future, a future that the “awl” desperately wants to delay. Here, Rickard theorizes that companies like Texaco and GM have not only deliberately thwarted the development of electric batteries, but have actively “shorted” or bet against the company, in an attempt to drive down the value of the stock. There’s more to theory than that, but Rickard believes it all, so much so that he says he fears for his life.

There were bodies in the trunk of that rocket roadster

A model, “Starman,” sits behind the wheel of a Tesla Roadster in this photo posted on the Instagram account of Elon Musk, boss of automaker Tesla and founder of private space company SpaceX. The car will be on board when SpaceX launches its new rocket, the Falcon Heavy, from the Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral, Fla., Scheduled for Tuesday, February 6, 2018.

Tesla’s SpaceX has been at the center of the conspiracy since its inception, but when Elon ordered a Roadster strapped to the front of the Falcon Heavy before it was launched into orbit, things got very strange.

About the free thought experiment that is Reddit, we sparked a conversation with this headline: “Elon Musk got away with the perfect murder by sending the body to Mars, ”claiming that the eccentric billionaire announced the car’s last-minute membership as a way to get rid of some unwanted human evidence. # Show usLeTronc!

Or has the Roadster really gone to space?

Much like the purported windswept flag pictured in footage from the first lunar landing, the video footage of the Tesla Roadster navigating the darkness of space was not to everyone’s liking. Some believe the Roadster was never launched at all, calling it a whole bunch of CGI BS faux-bologna easily identifiable as such thanks to the appearance of a “flash” in the clip.

Elon makes false allegations of faulty Model S suspension

The Dogefather himself is the propagator of this theory which suggests that the 2015-2016 Model S’s suspension problems were largely fabricated by bad guys.

One answer to his “why” question is that near-term stocks are expected to benefit from a brief drop after the NHTSA announcement and have therefore appealed to fraudulent complaints. But if it’s a conspiracy, it’s ongoing, as NHTSA has announced an investigation of a potential front suspension problem in December 2020.

Elon Musk is an alien

You can see why some might consider Elon a little too strange for this world. Have you seen her SNL appearance? There’s also the fact that he’s obsessed with going to space. And that-

It takes one to know one.

Google and Tesla will merge

Tesla has unearthed talent from all kinds of organizations and industries, so it was not entirely surprising that Jason Wheeler left his role as vice president of finance at Google to take on the role of chief financial officer of Tesla. few years ago. It was enough to spin a few wheels, which prompted a Redditor to post this. “Crazy Conspiracy Theory: What if Alphabet (Google) and Tesla plan to merge and Jason Wheeler is a mutual factory as interim CFO to explore Tesla’s finances for a wild symbiosis?” “

Alphabet and Tesla? They would be a more powerful couple than Beyonce and Jay-Z!

The glass broke on purpose

It was the metal ball throwing heard around the world. Everyone was glued to the live reveal of the Tesla Cybertruck when a Tesla employee rather obediently threw a metal ball at the vehicle’s rear window in an attempt to demonstrate its durability. He did the opposite, not once but twice, and the shattered glass almost broke the internet.

But what if the goof was not a blunder at all, but an intentional game of attention, as suggested in this Reddit post? It generated a lot of press—

Heard other theories about the leader in electric vehicles? Share them in the comments.

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