The Gravette library chosen for the NASA initiative

GRAVETTE – Gravette Public Library was selected through a competitive application process to be part of NASA @ My Library, an educational initiative created to increase and enhance STEAM learning opportunities for library patrons across the country, including geographies and populations currently under-represented in STEAM Education.

STEAM stands for science, technology, engineering, arts, and math.

“Gravette Public Library is one of 60 libraries nationwide to be part of this initiative, and we are delighted to have been selected,” said Karen Benson, Director of the Library. “We look forward to introducing STEAM concepts to our youngest clients and exploring the universe with people of all ages during our public programs in 2021 and 2022.”

As a NASA @ My Library partner, the Gravette Public Library will host public programs that explore NASA science and technology, particularly around the launch of NASA’s latest next-generation telescope, scheduled for the fall of this year. year ; the first images from the telescope, expected in spring 2022; and as part of the collaborative summer library program, scheduled for summer 2022. More information will be available at in the coming months.

About 150 libraries applied to be part of the program.

As part of this initiative, the library will receive training and resources to implement NASA events and programming, access to an academic subject matter expert to support client engagement, and $ 1,600 to programming expenses.

These resources, along with support from the NASA @ My Library team, will enable the library to lead NASA STEAM programming and activities. NASA @ My Library aims to create fascinating learning experiences for the Gravette community and to share the history, science and adventure of NASA’s scientific explorations on planet Earth, the solar system and the universe at- of the.

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