The Loop: Wet Weather Ahead, Mostafa Baluch Escape Plan Revealed, Elon Musk’s SpaceX Liftoff, and Elven Tyranny

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It is Thursday November 11 and here’s your brief update to keep you up to date tonight.

One thing to know now – the rains are here

The Todd River which crosses the Gap at Alice Springs.(ABC News: Steven Schubert)

Heavy rains, storms and flooding are expected in parts of the country as a low pressure system weaves its way across the continent in the coming days.

One thing we talked about today – Sydney fugitive’s escape plan revealed

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Police images of Mostafa Baluch found “in the back of a truck”

Most Wanted Man in NSW Mostafa Baluch was caught hiding in a car in the back of a truck near the Queensland border early yesterday after being on the run for 16 days.

Sources close to the investigation say he intended to escape to thailand before flying to the Balkans, in south-eastern Europe, where he “Powerful and powerful friends of the underworld”.

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News while you go through your day

  • Boeing reached an agreement with the families of the victims of the 737 MAX crash that left 157 people dead in Ethiopia and admitted responsibility for the crash
  • And after a series of delays, SpaceX, Elon Musk’s private company launched four astronauts to the International Space Station as part of the “Crew-3” mission


News people are looking for now


One more thing…

An elf on the shelf is bad for your health, at least according to a tired judge.

Rob Leonard, who oversees the Cobb County Superior Court in the US state of Georgia, freed weary parents from Christmas tyranny, posting a tongue-in-cheek order on Twitter “banning” the holiday tradition.

“Tired of living in the tyranny of Elf on the Shelf?” Can’t wait for the elf to forget to move and cause your children emotional distress? I am a civil servant and I will take the heat for you. My gift to tired parents, ”Judge Rob Leonard tweeted.


According to holiday tradition, the elves hide in houses for weeks before Christmas and report to Santa who has been mean and kind.

… which sounds absolutely terrifying.

You are up to date!

Good luck sleeping now.


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