TWIRL 68: SpaceX’s Dragon 2 ship to transport cargo to the space station

We have two rocket launches in the coming week, both of which will be performed by SpaceX. The first launch is scheduled for Wednesday and the second will take place on Friday. The second of these events will be the more interesting of the two as a Dragon 2 ship will be sent to the space station carrying cargo.

Wednesday, June 8

The first launch of the week will be a Falcon 9 Block 5 rocket carrying the Nilesat 301 communications satellite. The satellite will be operated by Egyptian firm Nilesat which will use it to provide internet connectivity services. The satellite was built by Thales Alenia Space and will be placed in a geostationary transfer orbit. It was delayed from April 30 and is expected to be released by SpaceX on its website.

friday june 10

The second and final launch of the week is another Falcon 9 Block 5 rocket, but this time it will carry the SpaceX Dragon 2 ship which itself will ferry cargo to the International Space Station to resupply the astronauts there. working. This mission is being conducted under NASA’s Commercial Resupply Services (CRS) contract which is now in its second phase.

to sum up

The first launch we had this week was a Long March 2C carrying the Geely Constellation Group 01 satellites. These are nine remote sensing and communications satellites in low Earth orbit.

Then, although not a launch, NASA’s Perseverance Mars rover sent back images of dust devils in Jezero Crater on Mars. These fantastic images really bring a new perspective to the planet that normally seems so dead and still.

The second launch we saw this week was a Soyuz 2.1a carrying the Progress MS-20 spacecraft heading to the ISS carrying cargo. It took off from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan.

Here are images of Progress MS-20 docked to the ISS.

Finally, Blue Origin flew its Blue Origin NS-21 mission carrying several private space tourists including Evan Dick who has been on New Shepard before.

To conclude, China could send its Shenzhou 14 mission to its space station tomorrow and we’ll be sure to update this post with images if we get them.

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