Uber’s prescription delivery service expands to New York

STATEN ISLAND, NY – Having your prescriptions delivered can now be as easy as ordering dinner.

Uber announced Thursday that it has expanded its prescription delivery service in various cities across the country, including New York.

Through a partnership with NimbleRx, the nation’s leading prescription delivery service, customers can now use the Uber Eats app to request on-demand prescription delivery, tracking their medications every step of the way.

“At Uber, we’re working hard to make Uber Eats your go-to destination for more than just food from your favorite restaurant, convenience store, or grocery store. Today, I am delighted to announce that we are taking one step closer to delivering this reality to our consumers with the nationwide expansion of on-demand prescription delivery in the United States, courtesy of our partner NimbleRx Said Raj Beri, grocery store manager at Uber. and new verticals.

The new service comes at a time when home delivery is a priority, with the new coronavirus (COVID-19) continuing to confine many vulnerable populations to their homes.

“Now more than ever, people are looking for ways to safely and easily get the things they need, and we’re proud to bring the best elements of Uber to prescription delivery,” said Beri.

The expansion of the new program, which allows users to manage new and existing prescriptions from the Uber Eats app, follows a successful pilot deployment to Dallas and Seattle last summer.

“Nimble was built on a simple idea: to enable local independent pharmacies to take better care of their customers by providing them with a high-quality and more convenient experience,” said Talha Sattar, Founder and CEO of Nimble. “Our expanding partnership with Uber Eats is an extension of this mission and will make it possible to deliver on-demand prescriptions at a time when consumers and pharmacies across the country need it most.”

Pharmacies interested in providing prescription deliveries via Uber Health are encouraged to contact via the company’s website.

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