VHS student goes to space camp

(Photo courtesy of Allison Clemons) Tom Clemons, dressed at Space Camp. The program has had nearly one million trainees graduating from its programs since its inception in 1982.

Tom Clemons spent a week at Space Camp, located at US Space & Rocket Center

Have you ever wanted to train like an astronaut and learn more about space exploration? For Vashon High School student Tom Clemons, it was made possible as he made his way to Space Camp, located in Huntsville, Alabama, at US Space & Rocket Center.

Clemons spent a week at Space Camp, where he and his team flew mock space missions, participated in experiments, and successfully completed a spacewalk. Students who attend Space Camp are also trained in simulators like those used by NASA and sleep in quarters designed to resemble those of the International Space Station.

The Clemons team also had the honor of being awarded the “Commander’s Cup,” which is awarded to the Space Camp team that best achieves engineering challenges.

Tom’s mother, Allison Clemons, says he’s always been interested in space travel and would eventually like to become an astronaut. After high school, he plans to get his engineering degree.

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