Virgin Experience Gifts launches US vacation campaign

Experiential gifts are the best way to overcome the stress of supply chain and shipping issues this season.

Posted: October 26, 2021 at 9:07 a.m. CDT|Update: 12 hours ago

DENVER, October 26, 2021 / PRNewswire / – After decades of success across the Atlantic, Virgin is launching its Blank experience gifts Holiday campaign in the United States allowing people to “give a gift outside the box” this holiday season by establishing experiences as the best gift for any recipient. And it’s just in time to provide a solution to supply shortages and shipping issues.

Virgin Experience Gifts offers unique gifts for adventurers. This ultimate helicopter tour offers a bird’s-eye view of all of Manhattan’s historic sites and more.

Experiences as gifts have become more popular in the United States. After a year and a half, Americans have developed a greater appreciation for relationships, living life to the fullest, and creating memories with less priority over accumulating things. The Sitecore 2021 Vacation Trends Report 71% of people say they don’t need more and would rather have an experience this vacation.

From sophisticated dining options to spa days, extravagant luxury stays or unique adventures, Virgin Experience Gifts has the gift for the most difficult person and nationwide coverage. This year more than ever, there are several reasons why Experiences will be a holiday gift trend:

  • Consumers want more thoughtful gifts
    Experiential gifts are more thoughtful, unique and personal. Sixty-one percent of consumers say they give experience gifts because it creates a “special memory” and 55% say it is because they want to give a “unique” gift.
  • Avoid supply chain issues
    The 2021 holiday season will be plagued by supply shortages and backlogs due to labor shortages, delivery disruptions and logistics issues. Executives are encouraging buyers to prepare for delays and price increases. The UPS president said he expects key supply chain issues to continue until 2022.
  • Ignore shipping issues
    Experts also predict a longer and more expensive expedition for a second year. The situation with last year’s shipments has been dubbed #Shippagedon and 2021 is unlikely to be any better.

    When purchasing an experiential gift, avoid shipping altogether by instantly printing or emailing the voucher directly to the recipient. Another advantage is that they never expire.

Richard Hurd-Wood, CEO of Virgin Experience Gifts, comments:

“Globally, we are seeing a real shift in the gift of choice experiences as we prepare for the holiday season. value placed on time spent together.

“Virgin Experience Gifts has a gift for everyone. We understand the importance of finding unique and special gifts and making the whole process stress-free and flexible. Our free instant delivery options are ideal for both, allowing customers to delight their family and friends with an imaginative gift.

From adventure and spa days, to meal and drink packages and virtual options, there truly is something perfect for everyone this holiday season. “

About Virgin Experience Gifts

Virgin Experience Gifts offers a wide range of fully vetted experiences to ensure thoughtful and creative gifts the recipient will love. Formerly Cloud 9 Living, the company was acquired in March 2021 and is now part of the Virgin family. Virgin has been a pioneer in the experience gift category since 1988 and is currently the UK’s number one supplier of experience gifts. The company joins the Virgin family of brands, including Virgin Hotels, Virgin Voyages, Virgin Hyperloop, Virgin Galactic and Virgin Orbit. Visit Blank experience gifts to know more.

Blank experience gifts
Blank experience gifts

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