When is Jeff Bezos flying into space and how to watch Blue Origin launch

The New Shepard rocket and capsule that will carry Mr. Bezos and three others were developed by his company Blue Origin, named after the belief that this blue planet is only the starting point of humanity’s future.

Why all the fuss about Jeff Bezos going into space?

Mr. Bezos puts himself to the test during the inaugural crewed flight of his rocket. He said he hoped it would be the first of thousands of safe and routine space journeys, and cheap enough to keep millions on track. Finally.

Virgin Galactic Holdings by Richard Branson Inc.

SPCE 7.48%

is also planning to take tourists to space after it flies its founder there earlier this month. Blue Origin ultimately aims to use its space exploration to try to exploit the energy and material resources of the solar system.

How can I watch the launch of Blue Origin?

New Shepard is preparing to take off from Van Horn, Texas, in January.


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The flight is scheduled for Tuesday at 9 a.m. EDT and will be broadcast live by Blue Origin from 7:30 a.m., and later by wsj.com. Weather or technical issues could delay the launch from Van Horn, Texas. Current forecasts show clear but gusty conditions.

Blue Origin discouraged visitors from approaching the launch site on Tuesday, as part of nearby Highway 54 was closed.

How will Blue Origin take him to the edge of space and vice versa?

The New Shepard can carry six people, with the rocket sending the capsule over 100 km. The reusable rocket and capsule used on Tuesday make their third flight – Blue Origin has tested the system with 15 autonomous flights without passengers. The capsule separates and offers a few minutes of weightlessness before descending and landing in the nearby desert of Texas. The rocket lands vertically on the launch site.

How does it compare with Virgin Galactic?

Blue Origin uses a conventional rocket and a space capsule that launches and lands vertically, so it’s faster for Virgin Galactic’s vehicle to reach the edge of space, and the entire flight takes 11 minutes. Virgin Galactic uses an aircraft to lift its six-seat spaceplane, before releasing it, firing a rocket to take it higher. The spacecraft then glides down to the ground without an engine, the entire journey taking about 90 minutes.

Alexa, where does space start?

The lack of definition in international law pits purists against space companies. Blue Origin’s New Shepard is designed to pass the Karman Line 62 miles above Earth, an arbitrary line above which winged planes can no longer fly. Virgin Galactic flies above 50 miles, another arbitrary line, although some scientists say objects can still orbit the planet.

Who’s going to space with Jeff Bezos?

Mark Bezos will be accompanying his brother Jeff in Blue Origin’s New Shepard.


Amy Harris / Associated Press

Mr. Bezos will be joined by his brother Mark; Wally Funk, long-time flight legend and aerospace regulator; and a waiting passenger. The winner who paid nearly $ 30 million at a charity auction for a seat on the first flight was a no-show, so Blue Origin moved Dutch teenager Oliver Daemen from a subsequent flight to become his first paying customer. The second bid from an unidentified bidder in the May auction was $ 27 million.

Ms Funk, 82, and Mr Daemen, 18, are both pilots and are said to be the oldest and youngest people to reach space, respectively. Passengers are all scheduled to complete a 14-hour training session scheduled to end on Monday, including the spacecraft’s emergency functions, which includes an ejection system to secure the capsule to safety in the event of a fault.

Longtime aerospace dispatcher Wally Funk, right, is also expected to be a passenger on the Blue Origin flight.


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What can the passengers do up there?

The capsule separates at 250,000 feet and continues to the edge of space. Blue Origin emphasizes the capsule’s large windows, which, at 3.5 feet by 2.3 feet, are six times the size of a Boeing’s Co.

787 Dreamliner.

Blue Origin said the newly created astronauts would experience three or four minutes of weightlessness during which they could pull away from their seats, with time to do a few somersaults.

When can I go to space and how much do the tickets cost?

Blue Origin is planning two more customer flights this year, with the next scheduled for September, but has yet to announce a formal price beyond the results of the May auction. The company said you can email if you’re interested.

Richard Branson successfully traveled to the edge of space on July 11, and Jeff Bezos is not far behind. But the spaceships, flight logistics and altitudes of the two billionaire founders have some differences.

What’s the next step in space travel?

The Boeing Starliner is expected to make its second attempt to reach the International Space Station on July 30. The unmanned test flight follows a mission in December 2019 that failed to reach the correct orbit. A crewed mission could follow by the end of the year, with Starliner joining Elon Musk’s SpaceX-built Crew Dragon as a certified space taxi.

SpaceX is building a massive launch tower off the coast of Texas to send its own spacecraft into orbit. The unmanned mission would be on top of a super heavy rocket, and the tower is designed to catch vehicles on their return.

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Blue Origin will begin its live broadcast of the flight at 7:30 a.m. ET on Tuesday. An earlier version of this article incorrectly stated that the live broadcast would start at 5:30 a.m. (Corrected July 19)

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