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Dated: Wednesday 23 June 2021

Location: US,

Beyond Earth Institute study:

Review of advanced financing options for large-scale space infrastructure and habitat projects

Workshop I: Lunar Development Cooperative

Presenter: Michael Castle-Miller, Esq., CEO, Politas Consulting

Wednesday, June 23, 12 p.m. – 1:30 p.m. EDT


Workshop evaluators:

Jeff Matthews, Deloitte

Hoyt Davidson, Near Earth LLC

Meagan Crawford, Space Fund

Sidney Nakahoda, Capital Seldor

Gary Calnan, Cislunar Industries

Staff Monitor: Jonathan Thorvilson

Space is hard and expensive. The cost of the International Space Station has exceeded $ 150 billion. The return to the moon as part of NASA’s Artemis program will exceed $ 30 billion to land the first crew on the surface for the first time in 50 years. Yet the vision for the exploration and development of space far exceeds these modest efforts. Accessing the vast space resources that support a growing population outside the world will require the kind of upfront investment that is far beyond the means of any government and private entity. NASA has made strides over the past decades on cost sharing with the private sector, and this trend is sure to continue. But basic public / private partnerships may not be enough to realize the vision of establishing new branches of civilizations beyond Earth.

To examine the topic in more depth, Beyond Earth is launching a review of advanced financing models for financing large-scale space infrastructure and habitat projects. Beyond Earth invited the authors of several thoughtful advanced funding models to submit their work to a panel of experts for their feedback and evaluation based on a set of predetermined criteria.

Beyond Earth kicked off this initiative on June 10 with a virtual event featuring financial experts who will help set the tone for this project. They discussed the complexity of large-scale space investments and the range of possible solutions to spread the investment risk among stakeholders. A recording of the event is available here.

A final report will be prepared based on the discussions and evaluations of the virtual launch event and workshops.

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