NASA announces winner of 2021 student launch competition

On Friday, NASA’s 2021 student launch competition ended with a virtual ceremony to announce the winners. The University of North Carolina at Charlotte was selected as the laureate of the launch division while New York University was named the laureate of the design division. “This year’s challenge will hopefully serve …

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NASA Administrator Says “I Was Known” When Asked About UAPs

MYSTERY WIRE –Nasa administrator and former Senator Bill Nelson and other agency executives held a press conference on Wednesday at the agency’s headquarters in Washington, DC and answered a question about an unidentified aerial phenomenon. The question was from David Smith of The Guardian, it was the second of a …

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NASA takes UFOs seriously

Bill Nelson, the former Florida senator and spaceflight veteran, told CNN Business’s Rachel Crane in a broad interview on Thursday that it was not clear to anyone – even in the upper echelons of the space agency American – what high-speed objects observed. by Navy pilots are. Nelson added that …

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