Information on NASA’s Dark Side of the Moon mission plans

For the first time in its history, NASA is planning a mission to the far side of the moon. The new plans involve three trade delivery missions to the surface of the Moon, which will take place over several trips per year to facilitate scientific research on Earth’s closest neighbor. …

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NASA hot air balloon flights launch from New Mexico

FORT SUMNER, NM (KRQE) – NASA’s science balloon program has launched 18 flights with its spring campaign at Fort Sumner. The second flight took off on June 8. This is the program’s first major flight campaign since the pandemic, according to NASA. NASA says the team is supporting science and …

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Fort Wayne high school student gets internship with NASA

FORT WAYNE, Indiana (WANE) – A Fort Wayne high school student just received an internship with NASA. “I’ve always loved astrophysics, space and space exploration,” said Charis Hall, a homeschooler. “It’s a really unique opportunity, and I was accepted. Hall applied for the internship earlier this year, and in April …

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