Virgin orbit

Space tourism is about to take off. Here’s how companies like Virgin Galactic, Blue Origin, and SpaceX make sure visitors’ bodies can survive the trip.

Businesses prepare to take tourists to the edge of space from 2022. The bidding for a seat aboard a Blue Origin spacecraft has reached a whopping $ 2.8 million. As the journeys lengthen, the training programs will allow humans to manage the journey. Companies like Richard Branson’s Galactic Virgo and …

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Virgin Galactic announces another human-led science flight

Enlarge / Virgin Galactic’s third powered flight on July 26, 2018. Galactic Virgo Virgin Galactic on Thursday announced a new contract for human research aboard its suborbital spacecraft, VSS Unity. The company said Kellie Gerardi, a researcher and science communicator, will conduct two experiments on an upcoming flight that could …

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Launcher Raises $ 11.7 Million Series A

WASHINGTON – Small launch vehicle developer Launcher has raised $ 11.7 million in Series A funding round, which the company says puts it on track to reach orbit with a fraction of the investment total of other launch startups. Launcher said on June 2 that the Series A cycle was …

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