Virgin orbit

Orbital space tourism set to take off later this year

Theresa Cross May 26, 2021 The Inspiration 4 crew. From left to right: Chris Sembroski, Hayley Arceneaux, Sian Proctor and Jared Isaacman. This flight is expected to be the first orbital space tourism mission since 2009 and the first 100% civilian crew to fly in low earth orbit. Credit: SpaceX …

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Go to the Moon via the Cloud

Before this type of calculation became widespread, organizations built expensive prototypes to test their designs. “We actually built a prototype on a large scale and ran it for the rest of its life before deploying it in the field,” said Brandon Haugh, core design engineer, referring to a reactor. nuclear …

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Can private space travelers be called astronauts?

Astronauts? Amateur astronauts? Space tourists? Space travelers? Rocket riders? What do we call the new generation of space travelers? CAP CANAVERAL, Fla. – As more companies start selling space tickets, the question arises: Who can be called an astronaut? This is already a complicated problem and about to become even …

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