NASA wins 3 Webby Awards 2021, 2 distinctions for the voice of the people

NASA received three Webby Awards and was honored as a People’s Voice winner in two categories in the 2021 Webby Awards competition. The awards, presented by the International Academy of Computational Arts and Sciences, recognize the best of online communication.

The three NASA Webby winners are:

  • The flagship of the agency social media accounts, for the best overall social presence: brand
  • Exploration of exoplanets, exploring the science of planets outside our solar system, for website and mobile site: Science.
  • Eyes on the earth, showing real-time global climate change, for website and mobile site: data visualization.

“We are doubly honored with these awards,” said Marc Etkind, NASA associate administrator for communications. “It’s great to have our work selected by Judges Webby, but the audience is our ultimate audience, so it’s equally gratifying to be recognized by them for our efforts to share the excitement of exploration, to both from the cosmos and from our home planet, across all of our platforms. “

Managed by the Office of Communications, NASA’s social media presence spans multiple platforms, including Twitter (46.6 million subscribers), Facebook (26 million subscribers) and Instagram (66 million subscribers). The effort has received four previous Webby Awards and three People’s Voice awards.

NASA’s Eyes on Earth is just one of many web visualization products available to the public at NASA Eyes allow users to take a tour of multiple NASA satellites and examine the health of our planet from space, in real time, from any web browser connected to the Internet. View current and past Earth science data projected onto an interactive 3D globe, including global temperature, sea level, and carbon dioxide concentrations, and learn about the latest events observed from space, such as forest fires, hurricanes and dust storms. Eyes on the Earth was the website winner in 2013. The Eyes team is based at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Southern California.

From NASA Exoplanets website shares the science behind the research and discovery of worlds beyond our solar system. It is managed by the Exoplanet Exploration Program and JPL for the Astrophysics Division of NASA. This is the fourth Webby nomination and the second victory for the Exoplanets website.

NASA had three additional nominees and one winner:

  • #LaunchAmerica – NASA multiplatform campaign, starting with NASA’s SpaceX Demo-2 mission: American astronauts launch themselves on American rockets from American soil for the first time since 2011. (Category: Series and social content campaigns, events and live broadcasts)
  • NASA STEM @ Home – Bringing learning and fun to students at home as the COVID-19 pandemic closed schools for much of 2020 (websites and mobile sites)
  • The Directorate of Aeronautical Research Missions social media, using the latest channels on behalf of aeronautics, “NASA’s first ‘A’.” (General social, education and discovery)

Hubble Space Telescope Program Instagram Video “Hubble Sharks and Whale” was awarded in the Social Video, Education and Discovery category.

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